The Couple Snuggle Partner Duvet Cover

Too hot or cold at night? Finding your partner steals the covers? More couples are turning to a single duvet each, which quickly solves both problems.

But two duvets look messy and gives the feeling of being distant from each other.

The Couple Snuggle cover cleverly solves these problems, and it’s affordable too.

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The benefits of a Couple Snuggle

Couple Snuggle benefits

Some of our feedback

Partner duvets reinvented

The Couple Snuggle is a unique duvet cover that lets you use two individual duvets of your choice on each side of the bed.

We all need our sleep to be happy and healthy, so what stops it? Most people like to wrap a duvet on both sides of their body – that’s the number one reason for stealing the covers. Being too hot or cold also reduces the quality of sleep, it’s common that one partner wants their duvet a different thickness to the other.

Some use all seasons duvets, sometimes referred to as his and hers duvets or multi-tog duvets, but these still fail to stop the covers getting stolen. Many couples have opted for a single duvet each, which completely solves some of the the problems, but leads to a messy bed and a feeling of separation. What’s to be done?

Couple Snuggle is a very smart duvet cover that answers all these issues. With its patent applied twin pockets, you can use two single duvets of your choice with different togs. The twin pockets hold the two single duvets together however you move beneath them, while on the surface the bed looks neat, just like a normal duvet cover. Now, here’s the really clever bit… the two pockets are designed so that you can snuggle apart by each wrapping your own duvet around you without leaving an air gap between you and your partner. While if you snuggle together the two duvets cover you both like one big duvet. Now you can snuggle together or snuggle apart.

“Our first night’s sleep was very good, I was impressed with the quality of fabric, and it seems very well made … we have been very impressed, and are very pleased with our purchase.”

Vicky, Catterick, North Yorkshire

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